Founded by Amber Booth and Mike Wittmers, Adaptive Force Performing Arts is the North Valley’s premiere studio for dance education.  AFPA believes that structure, discipline and respect are the basis for success in dance and life.  The re-enforcement of those three core values help students grow as dancers, performers and professionals out in “the real world.” Amber and Mike have collectively spent 15 years in the Los Angeles dance scene and over 30 years in the dance studio world.

The combination of Amber’s training and Mike’s global teaching experiences have come together to help shape a dance curriculum that is second to none.  Adaptive Force Performing Arts teaches the business of show with a professional and innovative approach. The studio and its teachers keep their fingers on the pulse of the dance and music industry by constantly finding ways to further their own education.  While there is a strong focus on dance education, Adaptive Force is also a fun place that children look forward to attending on a daily basis.


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